The Maryland Marketing Partnership launched a national marketing campaign in Fall 2017 to increase awareness of Maryland as a business location and promote the business-friendly climate. We didn’t have to look far for supporting points— Maryland boasts a highly educated, diverse workforce and leads in industries including life sciences, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, and aerospace.

The campaign, which has evolved over time, continuously leverages eye-catching visuals and bold type treatments to convey the message in a succinct and striking way. Media has included print, digital, and outdoor, targeting both in- and out-of-state audiences. The majority of the media plan is digital to better target our audience by location, industry, and job title, and evaluate performance. See below for examples of how we market Maryland for business.

Campaign Elements


All digital and print advertising directs to the campaign website, The website demonstrates why Maryland is an ideal state for business; highlighting our strong workforce, successful homegrown companies and thriving industries. The site is also a hub for news about business in Maryland.

Forbes Magazine Insert

Forbes featured Maryland in a special supplement in the Fall of 2021, which reached more than 6 million readers. The supplement highlighted innovation in Maryland and prominently featured partners from the Maryland Marketing Partnership.

“Open for Business” Video

This high-energy campaign hype video is meant to amplify our message in settings like trade shows and events.

“Innovation Lives Here” Videos

Testimonials from business owners are an important part of the campaign. In 2021, Maryland’s tech entrepreneurs were front and center in advertising. A series of ads highlighted their innovative solutions to tough problems, and demonstrated how being in Maryland has contributed to their success. See the full video series here.

“Why Maryland” Videos

Three marquee videos are used in digital advertising to help sell Maryland as an ideal business location. The series are meant to elicit emotion by highlighting Maryland’s great quality of life; exemplify the powerhouse companies succeeding here; and consider logic by highlighting our business advantages. See the full video series here.

Workforce Attraction Videos

Continuing to attract high-tech workforce to Maryland is an ongoing objective of the campaign. Through digital media, including video, the campaign targets young professionals; communicating how living and working in Maryland can benefit their career and life.

Digital Ads

The campaign leverages various digital advertising strategies to reach key decision makers online; honing in on everything from the websites they frequent, to the podcasts they listen to, and the tradeshows they attend.

Print Ads

Through regular advertising in print outlets targeting site selectors and other business media, Maryland stays top of mind for decision makers.